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Weekend:375 €420 €
Whole week:620 €860 €
HIGH season Christmas, Easter, Long Weekends, July and August.
LOW season Rest of the year.
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Environment´s information

The valley of Lizoain, built by 13 small villages that are watered from the North to the South along the river Erro. The areas of the valley are occupied mainly by fields of cereal. In this area there are at the same time agriculture with livestock. And there are also pines, beech, poplar and oak. The wet areas and all the riverbank of the river Erros there are sedentary populations of ducks and herons. On the South we highlight the locality of Urroz that belongs to the watershed of Lumbier-Aoiz. Its church Concepción, with aspect of fortress, is Gothic with some Romanesque elements and big altarpiece from 1576. In the urban set the fortress square from Ferial and some Gothic houses from the XV and XVI centuries, with blazon gate highlight. In the entrance of the village there is a Gothic cruise from the second half of the XVI century, protected by a shrine and with a Christ that is quite similar as the castle of Javier. On the Northeast we highlight Uriz, a beautiful village in a slope with urban structure, Gothic houses and defensive towers. On the East there is the reservoir of Usoz, framed between holm oaks and kermes oak and settled in a foz of two kilometers length. Close to Zalba can be visited the rural Palace of Zunzarren with two towers and access to the ogive arch. In the Valley of Lizoain there are megalithic such as the dolmen of Oirtzabal. In the isolated Galdurotz it is the old Romanesque church of Santiago with a Christ in the tympanum. Foces de Lumbier are a tourist attractive to have in mind.


Quiet village of 20 inhabitants which belongs to the municipality of Lizoain of the council of the Valley of Arriasgoiti in the región of Lumbier-Aoiz and 24 km from Pamplona. The medieval church of San Juan with constructions of the beginning of the XVII century, it has façade which has three semicircular archivolts and a Baroque altarpiece from the XVIII century presided with a Romanesque carving of San Juan. There is a cruise of four stands next to the river and topped octagonal shaft in a capital on which the cross stands also with its epigraphic date of 1572. This cruise, like Izco, has carved a crucified in his ground floor. In Zalba there are good houses, some of them with excellent masonry as one of them which has arch dated in 1657. Also there is a similar towered building to others of the valley: cornered and quadrangular tower, loophole window, with added of cover with artistic eaves.


Pamplona, Roncesvalles, Selva Irati, Foz de Lumbier, Castillo de Javier.


Senderismo, Setas. Pesca.


Pamplona invita a disfrutar pausadamente de sus parques y a callejear por su casco antiguo; invita a degustar su gastronomía y sus populares pinchos, regados con un buen vino, disfrutar de festejos ún...
Colegiata de Roncesvalles
Orreaga/Roncesvalles es entrada del Camino de Santiago desde Francia con leyendas de Carlomagno y Roldán. Cobijo de peregrinos durante siglos y hoy, también, enclave turístico jacobeo de primer orden ...
Robledal de Orgi
Bosque milenario, único testigo de los robledales húmedos seculares de Navarra con gran interés ecológico. Área Natural Recreativa con zonas de acogida, paseos y de conservación. Un paisaje singular q...


Carnaval de Bera
En Bera, del 23 al 28 de febrero
Hombres y mujeres se intercambian papeles, ellas de pastores y ellos de niñeras. (Domingo comparsa y lunes cuestación por el pueblo y caseríos. Lunes atardecer desfile de carrozas. Jueves gordo, cuest...
Carnaval de Lesaka
En Lesaka, del 25 al 26 de febrero
Los "zaku-zaharrak" son personajes embutidos en sacos llenos de paja con la cara cubierta por pañuelos, que portan vejigas infladas para golpear a la gente que recorre las calles del pueblo al atardec...
Carnaval Isaba
En Isaba, 25 de febrero
Es costumbre que durante tres jueves seguidos -siendo el último el de carnaval-, y como anuncio de la llegada de estos festejos ancestrales, salgan por las calles del pueblo unos personajes singulares...
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